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On this site, you will find information concerning the services offered by EchoeScan, an overview of the applications we are dealing with, and advanced engineering solutions available for licensing. There are also brief descriptions outlining the scope and functionality of the proposed techniques.

The flexibility inherent in DSP allows using a wide range of algorithms to reconstruct, enhance, and analyze ultrasonic images. However, the feasibility of these methods is limited by the quality of the original, i.e., analog data. In other words, the front-end electronics sets the system performance limits.
EchoeScan began operations in December 2002 specializing in ultrasound beamforming, Doppler processing,  and front-end electronics.  The company  focus is R&D aimed to improve the performance of the medical ultrasound sub-systems while lowering its cost. We also offer licensing opportunities and support of our  proprietary technology to both semiconductor and ultrasound manufacturers.
EchoeScan's business model is formed around two types of contracts: IP commercialization and general consulting.  Typically, transferring new technologies, we provide a detailed invention disclosure, a preferred product arrangement, its specs, simulations, and proof of concept prototyping.  It can be further extended to full turnkey design for contract manufacturing.
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