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New Product Definition & Development
Intellectual Property Analysis & Search
Licensing and Acquisition Opportunities
Listed below are the technologies currently available for partnering,  licensing or acquisition. These solutions are suitable for both  traditional board-based systems and SoC architectures.
CMOS LNA Featuring Active Termination
Signal Processor for Steerable CW Doppler
BJT LNA with Embedded T/R Switch
Predictive A/D Conversion Method and Device for Ultrasonic Imaging (licensing only)
Doppler Shift  Estimator
Contact us for a full description of the proposed techniques, or to discuss your specific needs.


Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

System Simulation & Performance Analysis
Proof of Concept Prototyping
Research & Development
Architecture Design
EchoeScan is offering architecture design for the most demanding front-end subsystems. With key algorithms identified by the system performance measures, our solutions are optimized with respect to the end result, i.e., image quality. 
To validate the feasibility of a technique, we study its mathematical model analytically and via simulations, and evaluate a board-level prototype.
We can also help with the development of a system model taking into account the limitations imposed by  various  imperfections of the front-end.

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